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We use the highest quality materials to ensure you can experience and enjoy your best vision while protecting your eye health. All our prescription lenses are treated with:

  • Scratch resistance to maximize the durability of your eyewear.
  • UV-400 coating to minimize damage from harmful environmental UV that cause sin cancers, cataracts, and macular degeneration in the retina.
  • Anti-reflective coating to minimize glare, improve the clarity of your vision, dirt resistance, and to improve the aesthetics of your eyewear.

Eye Health

There's more to your exam than "20/20" - in addition to measuring glasses or contact lens prescription reflecting your visual needs, you can expect a thorough medical evaluation of the health of your eyes that may reveal effects from serious health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking, high cholesterol, autoimmune diseases, and malnutrition. When you visit us, we check for eye infections, glaucoma, dry eyes, ocular allergies, cataracts, eye injuries, ocular side effects from medications, focusing problems, retinal tears or detachments, and more. We are committed to bringing you the best eye health care and have advanced technologies to perform medical eye exams. We recommend your check up at least annually.

About contact lens evaluations: there's no age restriction to wear contact lenses. Your eye health check-up is important to ensure your eyes are healthy enough to wear contact lenses, to ensure the right fit for your eye measurements, and to select lenses that perform well for your daily needs.


At Provision, we are rooted in our community and we are committed to helping it thrive. We have various programs such as scholarships, events for veterans or service people, property tax rebates for local residents, and more. If you are interested in registering, please come in and speak with us!


There's a growing disconnect between a patient's needs and what isoffered. We believe we have a revolutionary approach in offering the best quality healthcare, service and designer eyewear at the best prices. We have options for the entire spectrum: we carry most designers reflecting all different sizes, shapes and colors, and we can cater to any budget.